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About Look Rig

       Look Rig  was founded in the end of 2016 by the purpose that we want to provide animator a great character rigs. We have varieties of the character rig styles and included tools and pipeline system support. We have been developing everything under requirement from a professional animator to find out the best rigs, high efficiency and worth to work with.
       Moreover, we value and prioritize to Character Design and Polygon Topology in the same time to ensure that we can release a great assets  which match to the concept art in a properly procedure.
       We highly hope our assets will be the best resources for many kind of your work such as personal project, demo reel also in animation production.

Our Team

Somchai Thongyod

Founder & Rigger

My passion is all I love the technical and art which I believe both of them can create and develop a great thing with limitless imagination. I found that working on rigging it's a perfect combination of technical knowledge and a principle of art together. For this reason, It's made me become a rigger since I graduated to the present. With more than 10 years of experience, I brought all my rigging skills to this project to make sure animators get the best rigged to learn and play with. I hope you guys enjoy the rigs, and I would love to hear your feedback for improving the rigging system and make it better in the future. For sure, I will keep research new techniques and keep publishing new assets continuously.

Manatpong Raksapon

Modeling Consultant

I'm a modeler from Thailand who loves to draw and model in Zbrush, Maya, and Substance. Working with challenging projects and professionals every day helped me a lot to improve my modeling skill. 

Chalermphol Wattanawongtrakool

Animation Consultant

I'm a Thai animator who has a strong passion for animation. With more than 10 years in my career, all my experiences are about feature films, VFX films, games, commercials, and short films. My goal is to keep practicing and learning to use creative ideas and animation skills to make high-quality work that can entertain and educate the lives of audiences around the world.

Tikumporn Teepapal

Animation Consultant

Animation will bring us to worldwide. I just do what I love and I will keep doing that. I never thought animation will take me far from home, see the place that I never been before. And doing more challenge works on world-class studios like Framestore, ILM and more. So enjoy the rigs and make your dream come true.