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Licenses Agreement

      We have three types of licenses,Single-Seat,Multi-Seat and Commercial license. Single and Multi license are design for non-commercial only. If you want to use our assets in commercial,please take Commercial license. We hope you do as the license rule for us to continue to create good stuffs  for you all.

Single-Seat License

      Only you who can use assets for any project you want but in non-commercial condition. Please do not share your assets to your friends or anybody. But if you want to share,please take the Multi-Seat License.

Multi-Seat License

      Same as the Single-Seat License but you can share assets to your friends or team, less than 20 people. If your group more than 20 people please contact us.

Commercial License

      You can use in any commercial project but not allow to share to anybody or re-sell.

Look Rig Right

     You can edit polygon or modify rigging what ever you want but use in license conditions. We have right to use any videos that you upload to the internet for promotional purposes. Finally, Credits Look Rig in your animation not required but is appreciated.

Bug and Broken file

      If our assets are broken, please contact us and we will check the issues and fix as soon as possible. When fixing are complete we will let's you know by email or Facebook page. Then you just log-in to our site and re-download again in your Download page.